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Insurance can be complex, even more so when jargon is used. At Fraser And Associates Insurance Brokers Pty Ltd we use plain english to discuss your insurance programme with you. With over 40 years experience, our staff understand the needs of a diverse range of commercial operations, as well as individuals.

It is our job to ensure we get the right insurance for you. That takes time and effort, but we like to make certain that our clients have the best possible policy conditions / cover for the best possible price that we can obtain.

We offer comprehensive insurance broking services, including claims handling staff who can liaise with insurance companies and loss adjusters on your behalf. This way you can rest assured that if you have a claim, we are working for you to minimise the settlement time.

If you need more information, or have any questions, please telephone us

 on (03) 9725 9142 and speak to a "live" person.


Business Insurance

Fraser And Associates Insurance Brokers Pty Ltd have been providing insurance solutions to the business community for many years. We work with you to determine your insurance needs and our experience and knowledge of market conditions enables us to assess your requirements, canvas our market for the best policy conditions and obtain the most competitive quotes.

 Typically a total risk solution for your business may include a variety of the following products:

  • Property / Assets – Fire and additional perils; Burglary; Glass; Industrial Special Risks; Material Loss or Damage. This insurance protects tangible assets i.e. buildings, contents, stock.
  • Business Interruption – Protects against the consequential / income and cash flow loss that may be suffered as a result of an insured event occurring to property/assets.
  • Liability – Public and Products liability. Primary, excess and umbrella liability policies. Cover can be extended to include product recall expenses, goods in the clients care, custody and control, and miscellaneous error and omissions, to name a few available.
  • Marine Transit – Cover for physical loss or damage caused to insured goods whilst being transported by land, sea, air or post.
  • Motor Vehicle Fleet, Commercial Vehicles, Plant & Equipment Insurance – All types of commercial motor insurance including unregistered vehicles and fleet risk management.
  • Equipment / Machinery Breakdown – Provides cover for physical loss or damage to machinery whilst in operation.
  • Fidelity – Provides protection for a business against employee dishonesty.
  • Professional Indemnity – Breach of professional duty in the conduct of the insured’s professional business.
  • Directors & Officers Liability - Provides cover for directors and officers of a company for claims arising from allegations of wrongful acts whilst acting in their capacity as a director or officer.
  • Employment Practices Liability – Covers claims for discrimination, wrongful dismissal and other claims arising out of employment of staff.
  • Contract Works/Construction - Provides cover for risks of physical loss or damage for property undergoing construction.
  • Corporate Travel and Group Personal Accident Insurance – Cover for medical expenses, theft etc. for local and overseas travel.
  • Strata Property
  • Workers Compensation – We offer assistance in referring you to experienced providers.

To name just a quick few that are available.

In addition Fraser and Associates Insurance Brokers Pty Ltd are able to access markets for most insurance products and the more specialised needs of certain clients whether it be Aviation, Trade Credit, Marine Hull, Kidnap and Extortion, Hard to Place and High Risk to name a few.

Personal / Domestic Insurance

Fraser And Associates Insurance Brokers Pty Ltd have access to a variety of Insurance markets to suit your domestic insurance needs. We are able to arrange:

  • House and/or Contents Insurance
  • Home Removals Insurance - see Home Removals
  • Personal Motor Vehicle Insurance
  • Personal Property / Valuables Insurance 
  • Pleasure Craft Insurance - see Pleasure Craft / Boats
  • Caravans / Relocatables Insurance
  • Farm Insurance
  • Landlords Property Insurance 
  • Strata Property
  • Private Travel - see  Travel - Private 

Life Insurance Products / Financial Services

Fraser And Associates Insurance Brokers Pty Ltd will act as a Referrer / Spotter for Financial Services Licencee(s). As we are a member and shareholder of Merlyn Financial Services Pty Ltd, this gives us access to a range of financial services for our clients, through Financial Services Licencees whom are licenced to carry on the business of dealing in financial products and providing financial product advice.

See also - Life Risk Insurance 

If you need more information, or have any questions, please telephone us and speak to a "live" person.

Premium Funding Services

Maintaining cash flow in your business is no doubt the prime objective in planning for future growth.

Insurance premiums are often one of the largest lump sum payments that can effect the cash flow of any business. These lump sum payments force business to direct capital away from other investments, which may be vital to the future of that business.

Through premium financing, your insurance premiums can now be spread over monthly payments throughout the year. Fraser And Associates Insurance Brokers Pty Ltd will act as a Referrer / Spotter for premium funding services.


Insurance premium finance is similar to leasing. The same cash flow management principals hold true for insurance premiums as they do with leasing. Insurance premium financing simply allow businesses to spread insurance costs over an extended period. You should read the issuers information and the relevant Disclosure Documentation and Contract carefully, to determine if the product is appropriate for your needs before deciding to purchase a product. We do not not provide advice or recommendations to you concerning the product or its suitability for you. 


If you need more information, or have any questions, please telephone us

 on (03) 9725 9142 and speak to a "live" person.



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